SFI oriented 548 people for BWDI


Heeding the call for help of DepEd for the K to 12 program, Servicio Filipino Inc. (SFI) started doing what it can do to help.

They oriented 548 people for the implementation of their Pilot Study in the Bataan Workforce Development Initiative.This study aims to test the efficiency of the ACT system when used by Filipino students but SFI is confident that this will be easily understood by the Filipino population.For the modules that will be taken by students has detailed lessons and examples that will teach students on how to handle real life problems that middle class employees face in their companies.After the modules are taken the experimental group will receive an International Career Readiness Certificate (ICRC) that serves as a proof that the students have gained the basic knowledge they need for middle class employment.

Bataan acting in unison

There are 460 students and 88 coordinators and principals who attended the event coming from both the public and private school sectors in the province.According to Luis Anastacio II, President and COO of SFI, the findings of this grant will answer the problems of the government to the implementation of the K to 12 program.He strongly believes in the capacity of the chosen scholars who will be taking the grant. He knows that they have what it takes to pass the pre and post tests of the American College Test (ACT) System.

He believes that they can give their findings to Sec. Armin Luisro and later on to President Benigno Aquino III as a gift.

SFI hopes that this will help in the proper implementation of K to 12 in the country, especially now, that the President would want to see the full implementation of the K to 12 program in 2015 instead of 2016.Aside from that, SFI would also want to see Bataan become the first province in the entire country to have an International Career Readiness Certificate.

SFI would be conducting the pre-test examinations in the entire province of Bataan on January 20, 2014.