Municipality of Limay

Municipality of Limay


The TalentMap© program was benchmarked in the Province of Bataan, Municipality of Limay to assess the current global workplace competencies of the people.

The individuals have very high soft skills in terms of Originality, Innovation, Teamwork and Adaptability. They are highly trainable and have willingness to learn new things and adapt to the rapid changes in the environment. Likewise, the results of the behavioral interview supported these findings. The individuals were high in Commitment, Motivation and Ambition aspects of the interview. Nevertheless, there is as strong need for them to improve their communication

skills, abstract reasoning and sequencing and logical thinking as revealed by the test results. This shows that even though they are determined to succeed in their career, they would still need to be equipped with the necessary hard/technical skills such as English so as to meet the local and global industry requirement in terms of communication.

Actual Talent Map - Limay


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