Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities


A. SFI Group

  • Provide access to talent source for the candidates of the program
  • Provide necessary training in administering tests, conducting interviews and coaching sessions, and managing data
  • Analyze/interpret data and write the talent map report
  • Present report to the APEC Human Resource Development Working Group in May 2015



  • Provide the necessary support in coordinating with PESOs
  • Provide logistical support in advocating the talent map among the PESOs
  • Assist PESOs in coordinating with the schools, TVIs, and industries where PTMI will be implemented



  • Notify NCR-based PESOs of the PTMI
  • Monitor the implementation of PTMI  



  • Link SFI and DOLE-BLE to partner schools, TVIs, and industries where the assessments, interviews, and coaching will be conducted
  • Provide the necessary logistical requirements for the initiative (i.e., computer, internet, and staff)
  • Orient industry, TVIs, and school partners regarding the processes of the program
  • Conduct the actual assessment, interview, and coaching of participants



  • Notify their NCR-based TVIs of the PTMI
  • Monitor the implementation of PTMI