What is TalentMap©?

What is TalentMap©?


A joint initiative of the Department of Labor and Employment, SFI Group of Companies and HireLabs,  the Philippine TalentMap© assesses the skills and competencies of the country’s workforce.

The assessment tool, which will be utilized in each Philippine province, is aligned with 21st century skills based on the framework and defined skill set of p21.org.

Understanding the skills profile of the workforce will help us identify their strengths and weaknesses and aid in creating more relevant policies that can support both curriculum and workforce development.

TalentMap© focuses on identifying and examining current trends and issues affecting workforce talent between the academe and industry. The data will be used as a springboard to develop sound action plans in positioning the Filipino talent in the local and global workforce market.

The TalentMap© is an ecology that bridges the gap among different schools, industries, local and non-government agencies, communities and other institutions. It aims to establish a sustainable talent pipeline of Filipinos with the appropriate skills for work.

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