DOLE – SFI Group’s Nationwide Talent Mapping Initiative

The SFI Group of Companies has recently established a strategic partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to address the current issue of job-skill mismatch problems and unemployment in the country. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) program, SFI aims to contribute to Nation Building through its Workforce Development and Education Programs.

Now that the Philippines is currently implementing the K-12 Education System, the students are expected to have the necessary knowledge, skills and values needed in order to be career-ready. The 2015 ASEAN Integration also challenges the country to be at par in providing quality education and in producing a globally competitive workforce.

Researches on job-skill mismatch pointed out that most of the graduates applying for entry level positions are described to be lacking in foundational workplace skills. Many are deficient in critical and creative thinking needed in problem solving, and some are poor in communication skills critical in inter-personal relationship. In addition, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) surveys continue to show that a majority of applicants fail in their job interviews due to lack of key workplace competencies.

In line with this, the DOLE – SFI partnership will kick-off with the first-ever Talent Mapping Initiative to be implemented across all 81 provinces of the Philippines. Through the use of competency-based assessments and standardized surveys, Talent Mapping aims to:

1)      determine and track the strengths of the current workforce
2)      diagnose weaknesses and gaps in the existing workforce

This initiative serves as a springboard for linking the students, academe, government, workforce and industry in addressing the job-skill mismatch and therefore increasing the employability of the Filipino workforce.


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