Why you shouldn’t stick with your Old Employee Recruitment Practice?

The Job Market has drastically changed over the past decade. There are countless innovations and approaches in finding the right people while only a few proven recruitment practices remain essential. For instance, job interviews still remain as an essential part of all recruitment processes while Assessments vary from one company to another. No recruitment practice should be exactly similar to another’s but some companies still prefer to stick with ‘Standardized Assessments’ that were introduced by their former Managers.

Technology has paved the way for Recruiters to easily connect with Jobseekers. But can you really say that your existing recruitment practice can always find the candidate best fit for the job?

Do ‘Free’ and ‘Standardized’ Assessments give you what you Really Need to Know?

How far have you assessed your candidates? You’ve probably used free online testing sites to measure soft skills, identify personality types and determine IQ scores. Chances are you might also be using printed Standardized Assessments to determine their competencies despite the costs and additional work hours needed to document, track and analyze the results.

Do these assessments reveal what you really need from your candidates? There are also the underlying questions of costs, accuracy, and relevance. Is it even safe to only rely on Behavioral Assessments if what you’re looking isn’t even clearly defined yet in any existing Standardized Assessments?

Are there even Standardized Assessments that can measure knowledge and skills in emerging new jobs such as Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and HTML development? If you’re only forced to stick with old recruitment practices for lack of viable options to assess your candidates, then it’s time for you to adopt a new strategy.

Adopting a ‘Reliable’ Online Assessment service is a smart strategy that you can deploy for your company so you can save on time, reduce costs, and maintain accuracy. First, let’s take a look at the factors that you should consider when using these services:

Qualities of a ‘Reliable’ Online Assessment Service:

  • Customizableallows you to choose what matters most for your organization
  • Real-Time Results–  results are immediately accessible, no more waiting in line
  • Individualizedability to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of any individual
  • Measurablehighly objective in measuring skills and traits that you need
  • Economicalnot time consuming and doesn’t cost much to deploy
  • Ease of Useeven recruitment associates should be able to facilitate it

There’s no reason for you not to take advantage of technology especially now that the costs to develop and maintain digital assessment portals have already been made possible even for small and medium scale companies.

If you’re a member of an Organization who’s ready to explore the possibility of integrating Customized Assessments, just let us know so we can sit down with you and help you improve your existing recruitment process.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Author: Patricia Acepcion

Managing Director of The Philippine TalentMap Initiative

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