The Easy Button for your Talent Selection Process

Is there an ‘Easy Button’ when it comes to recruiting the best people? Organizations constantly try to improve their talent selection process by making it more efficient and effective in hiring the best people. Sadly, some of them constantly miss out on one critical element; cutting down with old and ineffective assessment methods. This includes a great deal of traditional screening methods which involves ‘pen and paper’ tests and even online standardized tests.

Improving your talent selection process will not only help your organization save time and money, it will also greatly enhance the ability of your Recruiters to meet deadlines and increase their talent pool for future candidates.

Traditional Vs. Customized Assessments

Do you really need to have the applicant go through a battery of tests before you can finally decide if he or she is a good fit for the company? Or is it even remotely possible to just have them go through assessments that will only measure specific skills and competencies specific for the position that they’re applying for? Imagine having only ONE assessment platform that can capture a multitude set of skills and competencies which can also provide you results in real time.

If you’re one of the many organizations who’s committed to revitalize their recruitment process, carefully take into consideration the service capabilities when choosing your new assessment platform, it should be able to:

  • Provide Quick Results
  • Monitor Candidates Real-time Progress
  • Easily identify the most suitable person for the job
  • Help Recruiters make hiring decisions with the help of data analysis
  • Recommend Training and Improvement Areas
  • Provide cost savings in terms of Time and Money (‘paperless’ testing areas)

Deploying TalentSource’s Customized Assessments is the ‘Easy button’ that you can provide for your organization. We can help organizations improve their recruitment and selection process by providing all the cited service capabilities we listed for you. Our assessment tool can help you with your most pressing needs especially if it’s been a while since you revisited your talent selection tools.

Making decisions will be easier with the help of an effective assessment tool. Experience how it works by getting in touch with our Assessment Consultants so we can provide you with a first-hand experience through a trial.

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Author: Oliver Villaverde

Oliver is our Assessment Consultant who helps Private Organizations and Academic Instutions customize assessments according to their needs.

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