Is there a clear Winner between Paper-and-Pen vs Computer-based Tests?

Studies to show differences between paper-and-pen vs computer-based tests have been ongoing for the past several years. While there may have been key differences seen with the behavior of test takers, participants who took computer-based assessments were not in any particular disadvantage with their test results compared their peers who took assessments through paper-and-pen testing methods. No adverse effects were seen on the test takers’ performance.

Computer-based assessments are commonly utilized in Universities and other areas such as Government-related examinations and standardized testing in private institutions. It’s not suprising that most test takers are actually in favor of taking assessments using computer-based technology due to a number of benefits that it can give. They found out that the studies are all in favor of transitioning from the traditional way of assessments to modern methods through computer-based assessment.

Only one Clear Winner in other Areas

Let’s take a look at some of the logistics involved when using the paper-and-pencil testing environment:

  1. Test Papers
  2. Pen or Pencil (Optional)
  3. Printing of Answer sheets
  4. Allocation of a definite time for testing
  5. Separate time for checking the tests

On other hand, computer-based tests only need these for deployment:

  1. Computer station (can even be deployed through tablets)
  2. Allocation for definite time for testing

With the advancement in technology, it has been observed that many companies, organizations, and institutions have already embraced digital testing because of the common benefits that they share:

  • Ease of use
  • Capability to provide immediate results
  • Faster Processing (more individuals can take the test within the day)
  • Cost and Time savings
  • Customization of Assessments without having to reprint their questionnaires

We can’t deny that computer-based and online assessments is the direction where the future of academe and work is headed. It’s just a question of “WHEN” will your organization takes a decisive step in making it as your primary assessment method. Paper-and-pencil methods don’t have to go away but mixing it up with computer-based tests will improve efficiency for your organization ten folds. Will you be trailing behind other Organizations or will you be at the forefront and be among the first to make it as your primary method for assessments?

Let us know if you are interested to get a trial assessment for your students, employees, or job applicants.

Author: Oliver Villaverde

Oliver is our Assessment Consultant who helps Private Organizations and Academic Instutions customize assessments according to their needs.

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