Why the Millenials are your best bet in your workforce right now

“There is no other way that we can go about this, we need to hire Millenials!”

This phrase sounds like it was born out of desperation. Truth be told, it’s the last thing on some of the Hiring Managers’ minds when hiring middle and senior managers for their Organization. You’ve also probably heard a lot of your colleagues say that Millenials have a strong sense of entitlement and that they don’t really care about losing their jobs. This is probably true in some cases but before we pass any form of judgement, let’s take into consideration this antithesis- the Millenials are your best bet to secure the future of your organization.

There’s always the freedom of choice when you intend to hire people from different age demographics. Consider using this checklist:

1. Find out each age group’s strengths and weaknesses (based on credible research and not just popular blog entries)
2. Test your applicants accordingly (with high objectivity)
3. Be precise with your questions during the interview
4. Identify all the possible tasks before having them on board

Knowing your Workforce

We need to be aware of the strengths of this new generation. Each group of people has its highs and lows, strengths and weaknesses. Let’s go through some of the common research findings for each generation, below we have a snapshot of other generations and their dominant traits & core values:

Baby Boomers (born 1955-1965)

  • Independent thinkers
  • Competitive
  • Focused and Goal Oriented
  • Values the presence of teams
  • Highly Disciplined

Generation X (born 1966-1976)

  • Self-reliant (sometimes viewed as a rebellious attitude)
  • Pragmatic
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Highly Resourceful

Generation Y or Millenials (born 1977-1994)

  • Globally Minded (Coexistence and Cooperation)
  • Optimistic
  • Tolerant

Generation Z (born 1995-2012)

  • Tech Savvy
  • Independent Learners (easily distracted due to short attention span)

Why Millenials are synonymous to Cohesiveness

Among these four kinds current generation of workers, Millennials are the only ones who were found to have coexistence and cooperation as their core values. These are the same traits that are essential in building cohesiveness in any organization. By going beyond simple traits and uncovering individual skills and competencies, your hiring managers can make smarter decisions when identifying preferred talents to lead your organization.

Eventually, your requirements for middle and senior managers will grow as the older generation (Baby Boomers) move to retirement. Investing to have a capable Millenial workforce will be instrumental to fill your middle and senior management roles in the future. No one can argue that cohesiveness is not good for organizations.

How are you measuring skills and competencies of your Millenial workforce?

Individual Skills and Competencies still matter

The above-mentioned traits & values are key findings in certain groups of people who were born in specific time frames. It cannot completely reflect who the individual is in terms of skills and competencies, what their untapped potentials are and how they would perform as Employees. By knowing the common ‘generational’ traits of your employees, this can help you properly set expectations for your team, devise a plan for managing teams and steer decision making to the right direction.

If you think that NOW is the perfect time for you to revisit your leadership and management selection process, we can help you set up an assessment to identify skills and competencies needed for each position in your Organization.

TalentSource provides assessments that can specifically measure individual traits and competencies of your workforce. To know more on how you can measure skills and competencies of your workforce, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can get you started with a trial assessment.

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Author: Chico Gimenez

Talent Growth Advocate | Chico is a Digital Marketing Professional who can connect professionals with technology and solutions that can help their organization grow.

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