The JobsFit 2022 Labor Market Information Report

The Jobsfit 2022 Labor Market Information Report provides in-depth insights about the study that was commissioned by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), a bureau under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), to consolidate Labor Market Information in emerging and future trends in employment across all industries in the country. By sharing this updated Labor Market Information to Government Agencies, LGU’s, Academes and Private Organizations, they can aid in policy making for their respective groups to prepare our labor force for the future of work. Some of the key point discussions in the report includes in-demand jobs, hard to fill jobs, diminishing and emerging industries which will drive the future of employment in our country.

The Philippine Government continues to address prevailing job-skill mismatch issues which also has an underlying unemployment and underemployment problem. By empowering our schools and employers with this knowledge, it can greatly enhance how government agencies and institutions prepare our labor force for the  21st Century workplace.

Here are the key takeaways from the published report-

*Only 2-3 jobs per Industry are highlighted here, please view the complete information in the JobsFit 2022 full report


 List of In-Demand Occupations by Industry, 2017-2022 (excerpt from table 29)

  • Agribusiness– Fish Feeder, Food Processor and Packer
  • Construction– Administrative Clerk, Bricklayer and Painter
  • IT-BPM– Data Analyst, Finance Consultant and Video Editor
  • Health and Wellness– Barber, Hairdresser and Psychometrician
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism– Baker, Cashier and Room Attendant
  • Wholesale and Retail– Sales Clerk, Fashion Consultant and Promodizer
  • Banking and Finance– Appraiser, Bank Teller and Cashier
  • Mining– Laborer and Mining Manager
  • Tranportation and Storage– Administrative Clerk, Automotive Painter and Travel Clerk
  • Manufacturing– Data Encoder, CNC Machinist and Production Worker


List of Hard to Fill Occupations, 2017-2022 (excerpt from table 32)

  • Agribusiness– Animal Husbandry Professional, Chemist and Lab Researcher
  • Construction– Asphalt Roofer, Landscape Artist and Surveyor
  • IT-BPM– Computer Hardware Engineer, Mobile App Developer and System Analyst
  • Health and Wellness– Dental Assistant, Dietetic Technician and Psychologist
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism– Butcher, Front Office Manager and Interpreter
  • Wholesale and Retail– Account Executive, Messenger and Statistician
  • Banking and Finance– Accounting Manager, Credit/Finance Analyst and Financial Assistant
  • Mining– Chemist, Metallurgical Engineer and Psychologist
  • Tranportation and Storage– Administrative Clerk, Automotive Painter and Travel Clerk
  • Manufacturing– Automotive Engineer, Chemist and Sales Engineer
  • Real Estate– Asset Manager, Business Process Analyst
  • Power and Utilities– Chemist

Diminishing and Emerging Jobs

The bureau was also able to consolidate work displacement data given by Employers which provided some insights about the state of diminishing jobs in the country from 2014-2017. The number of displaced workers has been steadily increasing with a 16.2% compound annual growth rate. The hardest hit among all industries are those in the Financial and Insurance (69%), Professional-Scientific-Technical (56%) and Arts-Entertainment-Recreation (54.7%). Full details about diminishing jobs by industry is available at Table 38, page 86 in the Jobsfit 2022 report.

On the other hand, emerging jobs are also on the rise due to technological advancements in our country. Based on a national and regional stakeholders’ consultations, there are thirteen (13) occupations which were identified as emerging. Majority of the occupations belong to the IT-BPM sector.

  1. Business Process Analyst
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Design Engineer
  4. Email and Chat Support Agent
  5. Evisceration Processor
  6. Genomist
  7. Hair Transplant Technician
  8. Mobile App Developer
  9. Nanotechnologist
  10. Order Tracker/Coordinator
  11. SEO Analyst
  12. Social Media Analyst
  13. Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) Driver

During the open forum discussions, a number of stakeholders in other government agencies, academes and private employer associations expressed their gratitude to the BLE team for providing the report and shared some of their insights on how they can make use of the Jobsfit 2022 report. They also expressed their ideas on how to improve the report such as including quality of work conditions and salary information.

In terms of training and development, a number of stakeholders also raised the importance of not only training for hard skills, but also for soft skills in order for employees to become employable. These soft skills include willingness to learn, personal grooming, team player, punctuality, stress management, leadership potential, customer empathy, task management efficiency and initiative.

One of the key components to address employability was attributed to the Phillipine TalentMap Iniatitive Assessment (PTMI). Our study was able to assess 80,000 Filipinos and provided a comprehensive talent profiling report which identified the 21st Century Skills and Competencies of Students, Out of School Youth (OSY), Trainees and Employees in the whole country. The PTMI was also featured in the Jobsfit 2022 report (pages 91 to 94), wherein it also provided the benchmark scores for employability using the 21st Century Skills framework developed by the Bureau of Local Employment and SFI Group of Companies.

To know more about the TalentMap assessment, visit this link so we can help you launch a pilot assessment for your organization.

Author: Chico Gimenez

Talent Growth Advocate | Chico is a Digital Marketing Professional who can connect professionals with technology and solutions that can help their organization grow.

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