How secure is your website and database?

Now that almost everyone are using online platforms to sell, market and distribute information, most organizations have not seriously considered how to secure their website and database when it should be on the list of their top priorities.

Unfortunately most business owners and leaders do not have the capability and know where to start. Protecting your organizations website and database requires experts when it comes to establishing a proven effective method against hackers.

To secure your website against breaches and hacking, you may follow these 5 basic tips:

  1. Update your software regularly. Many businesses do not regularly update thier software because of the entailed costs. They continue to believe that if it’s not broken, then there’s no need to fix it. That may be true in some cases, but in the digital world, not upgrading your software also means submitting yourself to potential hacking.
  2. Password protection. Make it an SOP to require alphanumeric special characters for your passwords. On top of that, encrypt your system passwords, so even if there’s a security breach, the perpetrators will have a hard time decrypting the passwords.
  3. Provide HTTPS for uploads. The S in HTTPS is Secure, thus Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It’s a combination of Secure Socket Layer and HTTP. This is used by websites who would like users to upload their files. You can ask your inhouse IT professional for options on how to use HTTPS for your website as a more secure way of receiving files.
  4. Classify your online platform as strong or weak. Ask the vital question “Is my website security strong or weak?” If you don’t know the answer to this question, then it’s time for you to find answers from a reputable web security expert. You don’t want to continue operating a web site, especially if you’re serving hundreds and thousands of clients without proper security measures in place.
  5. Regularly scan for vulnerabilities. Find the weak points of your website. This is essential before real life hackers do the real damage on your online platform. Hackers usually just wait until your database or website is ripe for the picking. They usually wait for months or even years and when they think it’s time to strike they will crack the vulnerabilities of your website and hold your website hostage.

Consulting for Digital Platform Security Services

These are just a few ways on how you can protect your site. It could be daunting for non-techie website owners to test and find solutions to threir website. But there are steps that you can take that will not cost you an arm and a leg, which can also help you sleep comfortably at night and allow you to focus instead on the profitability and operations of your business. Contact us and we can arrange a free consultation so you can secure your website now.

TalentSource offers various consultancy services which includes VAPT (Vulnerability Assessement and Penetration Testing) services. If you’re interested to know more on how to get started in securing your organization’s digital future, you may book an appointment now at this link.

Author: Chico Gimenez

Talent Growth Advocate | Chico is a Digital Marketing Professional who can connect professionals with technology and solutions that can help their organization grow.

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