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Be a 21st Century Skills Ready Organization.

Our TalentMap Assessment empowered Local Government Units, Academes and
Private Organizations to develop programs aligned with the Global 21st Century Skills.
Wise decisions were made with the help of reliable and actionable data.

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Run a pilot TalentMap assessment for your Academe and Organization.

The Assessment evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the Filipino Labor force in terms of Employability using the Global 21st century skills framework. This includes out of school youth, students, trainees and workers. Using the results gathered from this assessment, stakeholders can gain valuable insight on how they can train and further develop their labor force.

We believe that every Filipino worker deserves full, decent and productive employment opportunities.


  •    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees in terms of the 15 21st Century Skills.
  •    Understand the training needs of each department, create your training calendar for the year.
  •    Know the skills needed and create the norms for your future employees
  •    Enhance the abilities as needed by each department
  •    Create a climate survey, talent mapping and career pathing may be establish for your company.
  •    Save time and money for the recruiter. This gives recruiters more time to perform other tasks.
  •    Provide a snapshot of a candidate’s employability rating via the scorecard.
  •    Participate in our nation building efforts as we work with our government in updating our labor market information.

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Measure 15 Essential 21st Century Skills

These skills and competencies were carefully selected to be relevant for the Filipino Workforce

Creative Problem Solving
Applying logical and outside-the-box thinking patterns in real-life setting.

  • Using lateral thinking.
  • Draing conclusions from evidences.
English Comprehension
Capacity to comprehend and synthesize information using the English language.

  • Comprehending a passage.
  • Drawing a conclusion.
Math Functional
Capacity to apply basic mathematical operations using critical thinking.

  • Understanding the situation and calculating.
  • Solving word problem.
Problem Sensitivity
One’s sensitivity in terms of workplace challenges, issues and concerns.

  • Identifying immediate risk.
  • Sensing other’s feelings/subtle nuances.
Stress Tolerance
Capacity to tolerate and to manage one’s stressors at work and real life.

  • Identifying high-stressors in events.
  • Staying positive after failure.
Critical Thinking
Applying skills in logical and analytical thinking patterns in real life settings.

  • Applying criteria reasoning.
  • Identifying logical fallacies.
English Functional
Capacity to execute basic English grammar rules both orally and written communication.

  • Using simple present tense.
  • Comprehending and correcting sentences.
Capacity to delegate, supervise and manage several tasks at a given time.

  • Delegating high priority unexpected tasks.
  • Pairing physical with mental tasks.
Self Motivation
Capacity to develop oneself and to develop smart goals.

  • Setting realistically challenging goals.
  • Resisting short term temptations.
Capacity to work harmoniously with others.

  • Making decisions with consensus
  • Identifying a win-win solution.
Decision Making
Capacity to evaluate and to execute appropriate action plans in particular situation.

  • Choosing alternatives within budget.
  • Juggling commitments simultaneously.
Capacity to generate outside-the-box ideas and applying them in the most practical sense.

  • Generating novel ideas.
  • Overcoming failures through alternatives.
Planning & Organizing
Capacity to develop long & short term goals in the workplace.

  • Gathering relevant start-up info
  • Present and Future Budgeting
Social Perceptiveness
Capacity to apply inter and intrapersonal competencies in dealing with issues, concerns and challenges in the workplace.

  • Approacing personal issues directly.
  • Initiating conversations appropriately.
Workplace Ethics
Capacity to apply and abide with ethical standards, work habits and protocol in the workplace.

  • Dealing with customers honestly.
  • Providing accurate employment history.

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